A wee taste
of the highlands

Legendary micro brewery comes to DeLand Florida...



Founder Jeffery Paul Hyder contemplates a scottish heritage

"Me greats gransfather Andrew Jackson Macgillvery ran moonshine with J.W. Dant.
He made the best whisky in the lowest valley of the highlands. This brewery is a wee attempt to recover recipes from ah guttered and loved banjo playing Scotsman."

- Jeffery Paul Hyder (with accent)



Meticulous attention to detail and full transparency

As brewers who demand quality beer, we follow strict recipes and fully disclose our non-GMO ingredient sources. "Brew a masterpiece and the people will know."

- Hyder Head Brewery



Come and join us for FREE tours and tastings every Wednesday through Sunday.

Come celebrate quality beer made for quality sake, with care and precision.

About Hyder Head Brewery

Nestled in the heart of Historic Downtown DeLand, Florida. Hyder Head Brewery is conveniently located on the corner of South Florida Ave and West Georgia Ave. (same street as Persimmon Hollow). Deland is home to 68 historic buildings and an endless option of fun shops. Come join us!

Monday - Closed (OUR BREWING DAY)
Tuesday - 2:00PM to 10:00PM
Wednesday - 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Thursday - 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Friday - 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Saturday - 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Sunday - 12:00PM to 10:00PM

About Brewer Jeffery Paul Hyder

As a kid you couldn't get Jeffery Hyder to shut-up about his great "Grampa Gill" and his moonshine escapades. Then in 1978, Jeffery, Larry (Jeffery's father) and Andrew (Jeffery's brother) built their own alcohol still and brewed "something" from the huge supply of orange trees growing wild, down near the swamp on Lake Monroe. While the results were questionable, the lore lived on. In 2009 Jeffery got serious into researching the family brew - after his wife suggested that if he brewed his own beer "it might save us some money". Nearly a million dollars later, Hyder started brewing the finest brews the family had ever tasted. This fine brewery, is a wee culmination of our legacy. We hope you enjoy it as we have/do/are.


Delicious brews (works of art)

1 - Cabertoss (Pale Ale)
2 - Maide-Leisg (Pumpkin Pale Ale)
3 - Weight Over the Bar (Wit)
4 - Sheaftoss (Rye Ale)
5 - Bonnie-B-Lass (Smokie Pale Ale)
6 - Puffin (Porter)
7 - Frontal Lobo (Heavy Hazy IPAzy)
8 - Seasonal Rotation
9 - Rotational Cider
10 - Charlie Brown (Porter)
11 - Vader Toss (Scottish Wee Heavy)
12 - Heavy Vixen Hefeweizen
13 - Classic Spanish Sangria (White & Red)

(from Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe - Sanford)

Our Location:

 142 W Georgia Ave. Deland, FL 32720 | Phone: 386-738-7410

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